S: Smart.
she is SMART!

An argument on politics was going on in my office the other day. The argument was clearly going on in a foolish way; they were letting a lot of false facts and figures fly around. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and since it was a free-for-all argument, I came in. I was making so much sense (I am certain I was) when suddenly my boss cut me off with,

“Please be quiet, let the men speak. What do women know about serious issues like politics? If we were talking fashion or home management or even matters of love, Ehen. But, Politics? Oh please!”

In summary, the only thing a woman is good for is being in love, dressing fashionably (or talking fashion) and fixing meals. She is not smart enough to engage in meaningful discussions.

After going online to bring out facts and figures that clearly proved my side of the argument right (almost impeccable). I told him how a woman who knows jack about serious issues like politics is set to becoming the next president of the world.

Some folks say a woman is not smart. That she is too emotional to be smart.
I’m not going to dispute the fact that women are emotional, at least, more emotional than men. Our being emotional, however, does not affect our smartness.


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Let it be known to you, dear human; that no body is responsible for your decision and indecision…not even the witches in ya village. God placed a spirit on the inside of a man that is meant to draw inspiration from the His. More so, there is common sense in all brains. You’re to find yours and use it.

People’s suggestive edits may influence your decisions…but just know it that you’ve got the yam and the cutlass…you finally allow whatever happens to happen

Why am I ranting like this, this early,  sef?

I don’t  know, i just feel a phenomal hunch about to play out real.

It is you that will decide!
Make wise decisions…unaltered by no shitty *mberede (accident). God wasn’t impulsive when he created man…it was a well thought out, deliberate action…

Genesis 1: 26.
God said, Let Us [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] make mankind in Our image, after Our likeness,…

If God was impulsive here, assembling all the personalities to the trinity would have been a rush-rush… I personally will not acceede to a rushing… (anyway, it wasn’t Mimi he called).

Besides, elucidating the scope of all his creation wouldn’t have been possible if he rushed into it. He took his time…

Dear friend,
Allowing a original ghen-ghen that you are 100% sure it may or may not be from God to coman put you in a state of gbagharia is actually ya own business…you’d have to deal with it.

I know how wicked some English speaking surprises can be… it overwhelms you…almost reboots ya brain and Make all visions go blank…

But I pray for you this day…
May this never be your portion. Amen.
But it’s still up to you to decide…

Be guided by that Light of Precision… It’s you that will decide and Allow it tho’.
Our Lawd of the Gentiles is never in confusion…

Be blessed this week and always.

Ya sista,
Mimi Okwara.



I don’t know how to continue this sanitation from yesterday’s. Because it’s unthinkable and true that our society, over generations, made some concepts,  a participle of just one gender shade.

Many times,  I’ve been termed a pro-feminist… because of what em’ callers know best. But that not withstanding, I’d keep saying IT (what ever it is that I am saying).

Last week or thereabout, i almost shrinked at the flying in of some rumpled idiosyncrasies somewhere around here; suggesting that *virginity(hilariously) and Sexual purity is just but a Lady-thing. Comments that says to tell me stuffs like;

(Paraphrased )
“Most men respect ladies that *kept/saved themselves till marriage…and see those that didn’t have a bank account as loose, forever promiscuous and never to be trusted (thereby unanimously inputting a happy and blissful marriage validation powers on the *virginity of the woman [hymenal presence; it is that thin flesh that will hold the marriage and probably hold the man from jumping over the fence…lol]).”

You know why I refused to be confused?
It’s because the scriptures are very clear on issues…no matter what your filthy religious mind tells you to be spewing upandan.

1: Virginity isn’t Chastity. Now, one could be both. Hallelujah! Nevertheless, a person with no hymen and is pure in heart and mind is no different from a person who has. Infact, God will not ask for the state of your hymen before he inputs unto you his righteousness…

Now,  the hallmark of Chastity is Purity. And God commands ALL to be pure…not just the Ladies. It’s a fool’s thinking that because there isn’t a substantial verification for the *virginhood of a male human, he, therefore is exempted from the rule of Chastity. Such a deceit!

I mean, he could galivant all he wants and retire to the village for a *virgin bride… (Kamoru’s whip will come upon you like Tsunami).

Our bodies(male and female) are God’s temple…including all organs of interest. No gender is exempted,  else you make God a liar. As a matter of fact,  in Christ,  there is no male nor  female…we all are sons of the most high.

So, gerova that deceit.
Your marriage is consequent of your decisions…not on human biology. If you’re expecting anything from your partner, be sure that you’re true to that also.

I think that’s where the Sanitation will start. Remember to always leave thrash for LAWMA or the nearest Waste Management Agency.

Yah Bless y’all.

Copyrights, Mimi Okwara. 2016.



It’s simple…
Very simple…

Inasmuch as having your hymen intact or ya 6-inch passworded is not of any economical or national importance to anyone asides yourself,  be sure that You’re not idolatrous…

Bringing on and plastering your sexual activeness isn’t a nomination for the headies, either…

Therefore, If the latter are loud about their business…hating on the former for displaying theirs,  also is sheer madness that ees looking for visa.

Is eet ya sexual activeness?
Is eet ya virginity?

And in case you don’t know, “having your hymen intact or ya 6-inch passworded” isn’t a credibility that you have dignity, are innocent, are pure, are chaste and not sexually active. Penetration is just an aspect of sexual intercourse.

Scriptures spoke about the renewal of the mind…that is where it starts. That is the hallmark of sexual purity.

Now, do you know that some females are born without an hymen?

So can someone define/redefine virginity?

What am i saying sef?

Dear Human;

Remain true to God and yourself;
Leave thrash for LAWMA.

Sexual purity isn’t just about *Virginity.

Enough said!

Copyrights, Mimi Okwara. 2016


(account narrated with permit from the involved).

Hey guys! Maybe you’ve had some encouragements in time past, but don’t relax in the thought that every Lady takes a drunk half a bit serious; no matter how cute and handsomely dressed, I, personally am taking you as a so smelly, dirty, irresponsible, yadda-yadda somebody. Worse for you if you ever get ‘high and led’ to speak a word to Mimi.

But as God would have it; some cute bobo( I must say he really is, painfully though) got extremely high on whatever he was drinking and asked the female attendant to ask me to place an order.

“who has the bills?”

Her fingers and eyes told me.

“Wow! Nice! Nne biko ask him what the occasion is?”

She was politely obedient. I continued with what I was writing, sipping my Zero.


At about 20mins later, i was on my way out to go and prepare for an event that same evening. I had crossed over to the the lane leading to my hood, then I heard a human whistle… I, sha stepped on till I heard footsteps closing up on me at around a bend close to my crib… Then I inhaled the cigar smoke, turned sharply, fighting the poison.

“what nonsense!”
“are you following me?”

Staggers back and laughed annoyingly. Cigar stick falls off his pepper-like fingers.

Nwa, no vex oh. Just wanted to know why you rejected my kindness, back. at the restaurant.”

“Excuse you! Was that why you ran after me?”

“Yes. You see, you are very beautiful with those s*xy eyes… And those lips! See, this is my area, and I know every newbie that comes in”.

“hmmmh! Interesting!(summing him up in one look)… Ngwanu, oyah bye!”

I took a step. But the devil pushed him off the cliff when he pulled me back. First he touched, then held my hand… Oh Chi m oo!

ah ah! Isi a na-awa gi?”



I pity for y’all Hell-Driven “god of men”. If only you can become “Men of God” in all earnestness.

The gospel is never Hell-Driven. Research your scriptures. Christ never posited out of Hell awareness. He always spoke about where he came from,giving great credence to His father,our Father.

Whatever happened to God and knowing him? Do we now use a Hell-analogy to get men a description of God and his ways?

The “wrongest” excuse of a reason for coming to Christ is “a fear of/for hell”. That’s a reception that leads to condemnation. Fellas like that don’t ever get to know God for whom he really is. They don’t get to understand the indepthness of a walk in the spirit. They’re just hella-scared of hell and don’t get drowned in God,who is love. They don’t have a straight reach to Grace,they’re just concerned with jumping in and out like dos and don’ts.

Don’t mind my wahala ooo, but some evangelism and “altar call” approaches I see here and there eeeh!

It is not typical of a salvational proceeding to condemn before convicting. That’s not how the Holy Spirit operates. He convicts unto deals and deals of righteousness. Righteousnes isn’t works,its a nature,a life,the God-life. It’s only the devil and our conscience that condemns us.

In otherwords,what the spirit does is to convict us to the point we get encapsulated by this God-life.
Whoever washes his legs before taking a shower??? #scoffs

Let’s not crown ourselves monitoring spirits, abeg! Or it may become imperative to reconsider the definition and scope of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Let’s not hands off the Holy Spirit of his designated work,-conviction. It all will amount to our trying hard to speech-turn fellas. We’re meant to just preach Christ-Grace! Who is Christ? He’s an express image of God. Who is God? God is love. We access God through grace by faith.

Any news that comes in form of condemnation is not the Goodnews,neither is it the Gospel.

Yes, some of y’all chineketed and spirocious fellas are saved and may have understood stuffs about God… But bringing many others to this glorious inheritance is one way most supposed Christians have failed and ended up basking in a full-blown religion.

“Quietly trust yourself to Christ your Lord and if anybody askes why you do so, be ready to tell him,and do it in a gentle and respectful way”. 1 Peter 3-15.

Mannerism and approach even as we preach and speak our belief matters,even to God(when we claim to be speaking about Him,tho’).

I see fellas starting up court-martials and rationing sentences to fellas they deem fit for Hell, all because you feel some way about something… My dear, Jesus wouldn’t have done that. I don’t care if you were warning them of how close their feets are to the gates of Hell; and possibly,you might have gone on to drag them out of that pathway with “Kingdom Violence”.

Some of the so-called “rebukes in the Lord” eeeeh, #smh… That isn’t how God rebukes us. He doesn’t call us sinners for all we’ve done. If that was the case,then RIGHTEOUSNESS BY WORKS would have been valid/alive. But we’re sinners for all we are.

The Old Testament and the Law painted a picture of an angry God,always ready to spit fire unless a calf is killed… This was because Grace hadn’t found them. When Grace came,He drank all of the cup of God’s wrath. God God can’t be angry.. Not even at a sinner. For he Loved the World(believers and unbelievers,animals,even the devil)…so he let Grace come down…if any will believe… So you see.. We don’t go about making God sound contradictory by positing an Angry “Him”. Anger is a work of the flesh,and he’s to holy to have a speck of fleshy works found on him.

So if you really wanted to show all of the hell-bound fellas the way to God and salvation… That way is a Dripping-Milky Highway of Love,even in our corrections.

Then you can tell me, without fear of a doubting from your villagers that you are a MAN/WOMAN OF GOD.

Copyright @ Mimi Okwara,2015


…When you meet fellas in small,small, groups kabashing and praying fervently that some people remain UNMARRIED,to end of destroying the works of the flesh and and cancelling evil propanganda in the minds of some who may have refused to align themselves to God’s scoreboard for Matrimony…”.

This is the extent it may get with the incessant #FiftyShades of pre-marital and marital nahnsenses,here and there.

My fellow prospective spouses,

Let’s not make Brethren get too spiritual about these things,eeh. Binikonu!


Copyright, Mimi Okwara, @ 2015.


“Then I shall know as I am known; standing complete before His throne (herein we already are standing ). Seeing my Saviour’s face(a beholding that leads to greater heights of glory by the Spirit of Christ,our Lord); all my song will be SAVING GRACE!”

This speaks, not just about “when we get to heaven”; this mystery is on premise of “a foretaste of glory, divine”.

We know God,just the way he chose to know and identify with us:

John 3:16
He chose the path of LOVE,to know us. So, in recompense/reciprocity;

“Then I shall LOVE God for he He has LOVED me”.

A striking resemblance to the God-nature makes us a “see-through”, for others who seek God(Love ). Then,we can now stand without fear on the platform of Grace, that that has saved us. Hebrews 2:10-13.

Friends, it actually is HEAVEN,NOW!


God bless y’all!

Mimi Okwara © 2015.



Contrary to some theological and some other human school of thoughts, GOD IS NO QUESTIONS. So he needs no YOU to come try and unravel him, attempting answers with our various idealogies,idiosyncrasies, and moral instincts. He is God,alone. Needing no body else to Be God.

He is Not One of the Answers. He is the Answer.
Humankind, from the fall, got veiled up in some shell of blind visions,darkness, questions regarding and misconceptions of eternal truths. We constantly sought answers and rests for our soul’s wanderings.

God Unveils… He is The Unveiler. He spoke/speaks us out of our Chaos. Speaks light into our darkest depths and points us to our relevance and purpose. Genesis 1.

For Grace has come; appeared to all of Humankind… Grace is the Answer; this Answer points us to the Light,gets us captured by a holy calling.

In Christ we find rest from a long soul-search. We rest from all our misconceptions.

“In case you’ve got some questions in the corner of your mind;
Traces of discouragement; and peace you cannot find:
Reflections for your past seems to face you everyday;
This one thing I do know

JESUS is the answer;
for the World,today;
above him there’s NO OTHER…

God bless y’all.